About our solution

Simple and easy to implement, our smartphone application eliminates
the need for wearables, buttons etc. allowing you and your loved one
the safety of 24/7 care without added stress and complicated set-up.

RemoCare is an application that consists of a smartphone app and a web browser. The smartphone app is typically deployed as the patient component of the solution. The app will run on any smartphone supporting IOS or Android (at full release, Android only in current versions) that has access to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

At the patient site, the smartphone is deployed in a manner that allows the phones embedded camera a full view of the area to be monitored (an optional “fisheye” lens is available to expand this range of view if needed). The app uses the smartphone camera to detect activity within the patient environment and embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze the resulting data.

Should events such as falls, lack of movement, doors opening unexpectedly or other out of norm events occur, a message that can include photo and/or video evidence of the triggering event is sent to caregivers via the internet.

At the caregiver end, an alert, typically a message, will be received, the caregiver may then use their internet browser to assess the situation and make the appropriate response. Responses could be as simple as using the built in two way communication channel to talk to the patient to verify the situation and let them know that help is available, based on the video/verbal evaluation, appropriate action may then be taken.

About our company

Remotronics Inc. Is an Ottawa-based company that has solved two of the major concerns of care professionals in the management of falls within home or institutional environments:
  • 1

    The ability to observe a patient 24/7 and should a fall occur, without the patient needing to do anything proactive, summon assistance

  • 2

    99.9% of falls in elderly patients are unobserved so when caregivers do respond, they are often forced to react with limited information about what happened. RemoCare has the ability to provide video evidence of the events leading to and shortly following a fall, enabling caregivers to more efficiently and effectively respond.

Remotronic develops intelligent mobile application software leveraging standard smart phones and tablets to provide non-intrusive detection and remediation solutions for falls for at-risk individuals living alone or at a senior residence home. The product, called RemoCare, is a user friendly system which provides both patient and caregivers “peace of mind” by providing 24/7 remote monitoring to minimize the risk of any potential catastrophic injury as a result of accidental fall.

Current products in the market depend on wall mounted alarms or appliances such as pendants or watch type bands. In the event of an emergency, patients must press a button to summon assistance. This works well when the patient is able to reach the alarm button, however, this is not always the case.

RemoCare uses standard off the shelf smart phone/tablet cameras as a data capturing device instead of traditional wall mounted alarm panels or appliance devices. It incorporates video image analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to analyze body movement and classify that into different events such as a fall or an inactive state.  It is reliable and totally non-intrusive, eliminating the patients need to press a button or to wear any device on his/her body. When a fall or any abnormal condition (e.g. wandering away from bed) is detected, an alarm is generated via SMS or email to notify his/her caregivers. In addition to providing the initial alarm, RemoCare also captures the 30 seconds of activity leading up to the event and the 15 seconds after. This evidence is immediately available to the caregiver so that they will better understand what caused the alarm and tailor their response to the specific event.

Manage personal care at all times

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