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Falls are a significant health factor among the growing senior population
within Canada. Many programs focus on prevention, such as mobility,
balance and strength training. These are all valid and useful programs,
however, falls will still occur.

Ottawa Citizen – July 13, 2018

Richard Martin slurs when he speaks. He has difficultly walking and swallowing food. He has short-term memory loss, and dementia is inevitable. Martin has Huntington’s disease, a neurodegenerative disorder. Until he was diagnosed in 2010, Martin had a busy east-end medical practice...

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Public Health

As the report points out, falls are a major impact on the health of seniors and subsequent costs to the Canadian HealthCare system. While the article is clear that there is no single cause and probably no “silver bullet” cure for falls, it is also clear in stating that a key factor in reducing falls is building evidence based programs around individuals. While this is a sound strategy, it overlooks a key element in the case of falls and that is that as many as 99% of falls are unobserved, leaving caregivers with the task of reconstructing what actually happened...

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CTV News – July 5, 2018

According the CTV article, there were 114,000 emergency room visits in 2017 that were the direct result of a fall within the home. This is exactly the scenario we aim to solve. Remocare cannot prevent falls, but if even 10% of fall victims could get faster and more specific care for their falls, that would be 15,000 fewer trips to the ER and 15,000 people with better outcomes.

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Toronto Sun – February 11, 2017

Ninety-year-old Johann Moennich had been enjoying the warm May weather on his porch last year when he decided to head back into the house. The Ottawa man stepped inside and looked over at his partner, Ursula Robitschek, 80, in what she recalls was a strange way. And then, with no other warning, Moennich fell back and hit the ground with a thud...

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