Residential version

The RemoCare residential version is a smartphone-based in-home fall management system that eliminates wearables and intrusive home installations. It is available when and where you need it, enabling your family to participate in your care 24/7. With no contracts, you simply pay as you go.

Institutional Version

The RemoCare institutional version helps facilities ensure their residents’ safety with a comprehensive real-time monitoring and fall management solution. It reliably detects falls and provides video evidence of the lead up and aftermath
in order to effectively direct caregiver support.
  • Uses standard off-the-shelf components requiring no special wiring or installation allowing you to selectively deploy when
    and where needed

  • Eliminates the need for wearables, pads, buttons, and other intrusive devices

  • Simple and easy to add to resident care plans when applicable

  • Private and secure- all data moving between devices is fully encrypted

  • The Resident Unit

    Uses a standard WiFi-enabled smart phone with embedded video camera mounted on a wall to monitor
    patient activity

    Contains advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze video in real time and detect potential fall scenarios

    In the event of a fall, immediately sends an alert to caregivers along with a snapshot and full video of the incident

  • The Caregiver Unit

    Uses a standard web browser

    Enables staff to go about their regular duties while providing the equivalent of 24/7 real-time observation of residents with a higher likelihood of suffering a fall

    Captures resident history for long-term analysis

    Features real-time audio/visual alarms and two-way audio communication with patients when needed

  • The Backend Server

    Supports the Resident and Caregiver Units

    Available in Cloud and onsite versions- both identical in functionality and pricing- choose the version that best suits your operating environment

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Manage personal care at all times

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